Hi! Welcome to my website. It’s still a work in progress.

Some content is pending, I haven’t linked all of my social media to follow yet, and I’ve still got a lot of images to put up. But there’s quite a bit of stuff if curious. Anyway, feel free to browse.

As I write this, book covers for books 2 & 3 are still pending (marinating in awesome sauce), but the placeholders at least convey “book”. I commissioned a terrific cover artist. I think my book 1 cover is pretty great and expect the others to be as well. My site header/banner is pending (the current is a placeholder). I outsourced it also because, well, I kinda suck at that sort of thing. But the basic nuts and bolts are up.

My debut novel “FOOLS RUSH” is scheduled to be published soon (TBA). It’s the first book in a series (Gabriel Ward Chronicles) that blends magic & mirth with action & attitude (I like alliteration… sure, that’s also my site tag, but I think it’s pithy so I’m getting double-duty on it 😉). It’s urban fantasy. The blurb for book one is on the website. I hope you check it out.

Luke Everhart