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Naturally, you might have some questions about it: What’s it offer? Can’t I just get the stuff I want to know from this guy’s website? Am I going to get spammed?

Well, first of all, it’s called Luke’s E-Newsletter, which is a pretty apt name — I’m clever like that. And, no, you will not get spammed. I send out my e-newsletter to my mailing list typically just once a month.

As for just getting info from my website or Amazon, of course I try to keep all my readers and potential readers well-informed and up-to-date on new books, release dates, etc. on my website. And you can buy all my books from Amazon, where I also have an Amazon author page. However, there is content I only offer my mailing list subscribers; additionally, I give my subscribers an early heads-up on promos, releases, and events.

Here’s what I offer my E-newsletter subscribers:

* Bonus content not available elsewhere
* Early info on upcoming releases
* News on upcoming promotional sales
* Contests (giveaways, reader picks, etc.)
* A chance to possibly become a beta reader. There are limited slots… Oh who am I kidding? Right now I’ll take all sincere prospects because I’m just getting it going; but, eventually, there will be limited slots. Signing up to the mailing list is the first step for those interested.

Sounds cool, right? If you think so too, or at least want a taste to see (you can cancel at anytime), then sign up!


Luke Everhart