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Luke Everhart


Coming Soon!

A year ago I woke up in the smoldering ruins of my apartment. No burns. No cuts or bruises. No memory of what the heck happened.

Then, a guy centuries beyond his expiration date dumps another bucket of weird on me. Turns out, most of the things I thought were merely myths are real — and I’m one of them. An Heir.

It’s not what you’d think. No trust fund. No deed to a charming fixer-upper. Just a crazy story and a front row seat to an eternal war.

I’d call bs on it but for the magic. Cool, right? Yeah, sure, until a diabolical douche starts playing puppet master with mortal souls and that magic puts me in the thick of it. But as the saying goes, with great power comes a whole lotta trouble — or something like that.

So, with earthly authorities in over their heads and unearthly ones screwing around with their own agenda, it’s up to me to stop it. My only chance is embracing my heritage at whatever the cost. Because if I fail, the city will become a demonic Ellis Island… then the sulfur will really hit the fan.


Coming Soon!

After saving my city from becoming Demonopolis, things got quiet for a while. Too quiet. I kept expecting the other horn to drop.

It didn’t. Fangs did.

Vampires normally blend into society, their discretion enforced by an ancient hierarchy, but something was causing them to break the rules and let their freak flag fly. And people were disappearing. Team Edward juice boxes? Maybe. But a nefarious charity with a netherworld clientele might also be involved.

The vampire council was pissed. Dante was worried. The city was on edge. And I was just hoping the people randomly disappearing still felt… anything.

My best chance at getting to the bottom of it is to work with the narcissistic nosferatu who runs the local paranormal hotspot. Neither of us is happy about it. I can’t say the same for his female business partner intent on sinking her fangs into me in more ways than one.

As is always the case when vamps are involved, things suck.


Coming Soon!

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