Some stuff about me…

Well, obviously, I’m an author. I’m not being flippant. When you become an author it tends to define a great deal of who you are; yet, at the same time, it’s very simply defined. I like how Neil Gaiman describes it: “I make things up and write them down”. That pretty much sums it up.

As for who I am in a broader sense, I like long walks — cliche, yes, but seriously, I like long walks — reading (food for the mind), music of most sorts (food for the soul, except rap which is like salmonella tainted food for the soul), a good burger (food for the tummy), a good session at the gym (because of all the burgers), sports, anything that goes really fast (somebody’s going to take that wrong… I mean cars & stuff), science fiction, fantasy, superheroes (I’ve a hero name ready for a freakish power-imbuing accident), chocolate (who the heck doesn’t? villains; the answer is villains, that’s who), squirrels (very sensible critters …and I’m just weird that way…ok, yeah, I’m a sucker for the cuteness), trees (me and the squirrels have an agreement), proper seasons (I live in Texas; we don’t get those here), and, of course, people buying my books.

I’ve done quite a few other things before I turned to writing. Some were boring; some were interesting, even intriguing; some were rather action-packed and colorful; some were …kinda embarrassing. I’m going to skip the litany because this is an author bio and I figure the author parts are more apropos.

I hadn’t really considered writing professionally since my teens. Back then, I briefly entertained the idea in quiet moments. I never actually got around to pursuing it, though. As it tends to do, life simply distracted me for the longest time, and advice to be more practical won out. I’ve fortunately since learned to totally ignore practical advice… er, or advice to be practical… to be safe, I mostly ignore both.

However, stories have always been kicking around in my head. I finally realized that life was never going to get less distracting, so I decided to write and share those stories. I figured that if they got out and met some people maybe they’d settle down and behave — you know, stop the kicking. The possibility of being paid for doing so was a great incentive too. After all, the stories didn’t have proper jobs or a cushy inheritance and so had never bothered to pay me rent for taking up all that headspace.

My debut series is Urban Fantasy. I love urban fantasy, but I also read a great many other genres — actually most every genre from time to time — and enjoy several of them every bit as much as I enjoy UF. Nonetheless, launching my career with UF felt right, even if it was a bit like picking your favorite child.

I’m also a lifelong nerd. While I’ve always enjoyed outdoor adventure and sports, I grew up playing RPGs, starting D&D at age 9 and playing a slew of others over the years (Champions, Palladium, ShadowRun, Villains & Vigilantes, and more). I also played Battletech and a number of tabletop games. And, of course, I played a lot of video games (VGs persisted further into adulthood and my adult favs are WoW and the now defunct City of Heroes mmorpgs). Somehow I still managed to get out of the house and get all the usual bumps & bruises (& a couple broken bones as a right of passage) as a rambunctious kid.

A few of my less sedentary hobbies that involve the real world are hiking, disc golf, and proper golf. I’m also a lifelong martial arts enthusiast and practitioner. I also try to hit the gym a few days a week, and I’m looking into playing ultimate frisbee (it’s not as dorky as it sounds).

Luke Everhart