Some stuff about me…🤔


Well, in addition to being an author, I of course love reading, which is food for the mind, and music of most sorts, which is food for the soul — except rap which is like salmonella tainted food for the soul. I also like a good burger, which is food for the tummy, and a good session at the gym, which is important because of all the burgers.

I’m a fan of science fiction, fantasy, and superheroes; heck, I’ve even got a hero name ready for when a freakish power-imbuing accident hits me and gives me awesome powers.
(Note: Please accept my apology in advance for the inevitable day when I finally get my superpowers and have to quit writing so I can become a full-time superhero fighting for justice! and saving the day!)

I love chocolate, but then, who the heck doesn’t? …Actually, there’s an answer to that: Villains, obviously.

I also enjoy nature, outdoor activities, and proper seasons (I live in Texas & we don’t get those here so it’s worth mentioning).

And, of course, I love people buying my books.😁👍

I hadn’t really thought much about writing fiction, professionally or otherwise, since… I guess since I was just a kid. Back then, I briefly entertained the idea of being an author in quiet moments. I never actually got around to pursuing it, though. As it tends to do, life simply distracted me for the longest time and advice to be more practical won out. I’ve fortunately since learned to totally ignore practical advice… er, or advice to be practical… well actually, to be safe, I mostly ignore both.

However, stories have always been kicking around in my head. I finally realized that life was never going to get less distracting, so I decided to write and share those stories. I figured that if they got out and met some people maybe they’d settle down and behave — you know, stop the kicking. The possibility of being paid for doing so was a great incentive too. After all, the stories didn’t have proper jobs or a cushy inheritance and so had never bothered to pay me rent for taking up all that headspace.

I’m a lifelong nerd. While I’ve always enjoyed outdoor adventure and sports, I grew up playing RPGs — Dungeons & Dragons, obviously, and a slew of others over the years (Champions, Palladium, ShadowRun, Villains & Vigilantes, and more). I also played Battletech and a number of tabletop games. And, of course, I played a lot of video games (my favs are World of Warcraft (Gnome Mage!) and the now defunct City of Heroes mmorpgs).

Somehow I still managed to get out of the house and get all the usual bumps and bruises and a couple broken bones — a right of passage of sorts — as a rambunctious kid.

A few of my less sedentary hobbies that involve the real world are martial arts, hiking, biking, disc golf, and proper golf. I’ve been a martial arts enthusiast and practitioner since, well… before puberty. And I like to hit the gym a few days a week. Lately, I’m looking into playing ultimate frisbee (it’s not as dorky as it sounds).


Luke Everhart